Since its debut, GRÉGOIRE has become a dining hit with both restaurant critics and customers. Among its most popular items are the GRÉGOIRE Crispy Potato Puffs, which have earned cult status around the Bay


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Everything on the menu at GRÉGOIRE is meticulously prepared from scratch and cooked to order using the best natural, organic and imported ingredients from around the world.


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We have teamed with Caviar our only preferred vendor for deliveries to bring you our food within minutes  

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Each party is treated individually and we like to use our seasonal monthly menu has much as possible. Gregoire will personally tailor a menu that suits your needs, please send your request at berkeley@gregoirerestaurant.com . Let us know what you need! 

Customers Testimonials

PaulaMertha A.

“I came here to see what all of the hype was about. After eating here, I can see why the potato puffs are so popular! I’m a big fan of the potato puffs here! Despite having one cook, we didn’t have to wait too long for our potato puffs, at least on the day that we came here. Seating is scarce here. It’s limited to two small tables with bench like seating. Don’t be shy to ask if you can dine at the table with complete strangers (if your party can fit of course). I look forward dining here again!”

Augutus Y.

This place is absolutely incredible. The potato puffs alone are worth the visit and they are very reasonably priced. I will say they are a little heavy so I would say share one. Also the truffle oil is worth – you won’t regret it. I also had a fried catfish sandwich which was bomb. In terms of seating though there isn’t a lot of space – i think there are 4 tables in total and the place doesn’t have seating inside so if that’s an issue just be aware. Still rate this place 5/5

Nelya T.

“I love Grégoire’s. Get the potato puffs. They are like little fried mashed potato savory donuts. I dream about them. I’ve also tried a number of their lunch sandwiches – the fried chicken, the tri tip, and a lamb sandwich (not sure if they serve this anymore), a salad with prawns, and a dessert bread pudding. Everything has been good and fresh. This is a tiny place, with nice service and good quality fast food.”

Joshua m.

Grégoire is a nice little take-out French restaurant located in the Gourmet Ghetto area in Berkeley with wonderful little boxes of delectable French cuisine. The popular and hyped up thing to get here is definitely their potato puffs. They are crispy on the outside with a nice and smooth potato filling. It comes with an aioli sauce for dipping to add some flavor to the fried goodness of carbs. Other than their potato puffs, you really can’t go wrong with anything here. Their sandwiches and salads are a wonderful delight to eat and are presented nicely in their fancy little take-out box. There’s little I can express in words about this place, so I would highly recommend coming here and trying it our for yourself! It’s great! 🙂